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Class 6th[Tenderfoot-(I)]

The student in class VI encounters a change in the academic methodology from a text based basic academics in class V to some advanced texts in class VI. The students needs some support to cope up with this fierce change and hence we have designed a special course for these little geniuses to develop a practical approach in studies and further choose their carrier wisely.

The program guides the students in subjects in subjects of science and mathematics along with English and prominent current development happening in the world.

This program aims at the overall development of the student and discourages note learning. Rather the program aims at boasting the IQ, analytical skills and developing practical to real life problems.

The program also implements new methodologies like VEDIC MATHEMATICS and STEM learning for the students.

The Institute has designed special study materials for the course and hence the student doesn’t need to refer to a lot of books.

Brief Of The Course :

1. For students in class 6th

2. Complete Coverage of Syllabus of class 6th in Stage I (School Based)

3. Coverage of extra topics for boosting the IQ and aptitude of the student in Stage II.


What We Provide

5 days a week class
1 hours a day class 
Test on alternate Saturdays 
Quiz/Painting/Debate/Essay writing/Vedic mathematics competitions on alternate Saturdays. 

Complete study package for the course 
Additional practice materials of each subject (topic wise) 
Specially designed materials to boost IQ and analytic skills of students

Special doubt classes whenever needed 
Regular feedback to the parents.

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